the challenge

Streamotion planned to leverage the platform which underpins their Kayo product (sports content) to launch a new ‘Movies & Drama’ streaming service –


Binge is a subscription-based product and needed extensive testing so the application would be suitable for paying customers.


luvo was engaged to help scope, set up, and execute testing on key customer lifecycle end-to-end journeys. Testing expertise, namely strategy and resources, was needed to ensure the application launch was a success.

the solution

luvo implemented a team of software testing professionals and worked with the existing Binge project team to establish key deliverables and build end-to-end test scenarios around them, based on user journeys.


The user journeys focused on the required actions and duties of internal operational employees as well as the end-users (customers) of their product.

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luvo operate with a strategic but practical approach, applying the rigour of a best practice framework, but with the flexibility a quick-to-market digital product release commands. The clear and action-based regular reporting gave us that real focus.


Binge was launched successfully in an unprecedented scenario (with the challenges of switching to remote working as the Covid-19 situation developed across the world) and luvo adapted to this perfectly to maintain value throughout. We couldn’t have launched without the expertise, keen eye for detail, and passion for the customer outcomes that luvo brought to the table.



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the benefits

luvo removed over 300 defects from the project that would otherwise have impacted this application. The project launch was a major success and subscription numbers climbed rapidly. 


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